Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy

How Forest Therapy works

The goal of Forest Therapy is to improve our overall well-being by connecting people with nature. It is based on a sophisticated system of several simple activities, where we will gradually engage all our senses, concentrate, strengthen attention and awaken creativity or imagination. We will disconnect for a while from our ordinary reality and from the mobile signal and dive deeply into the atmosphere of the Forest. We will slow down and begin to perceive much of what we miss in everyday life. One of the basic messages of the Forest is: “We don’t have to learn anything new, we only need to “remember”.

Forest Therapy usually lasts 3 hours and we go a maximum of 2 km of distance. This is an outdoor activity that takes place in any weather. Therefore, participants will always be informed in advance about the appropriate equipment and all details by email invitation.

As the name suggests, it is basically a very slow walk in a forest or other natural environment, during which the “Forest Therapy Guide” offers simple activities, so-called “invitations”. Each participant can approach the given “invitations” completely individually and in their own way. Everything is maximally open and free. We will start with a series of invitations that will help us awaken all our senses and practice the art of concentration. This will be followed by a very slow walk through the forest, during which we will engage our attention and thus get into much closer contact with the surrounding nature. Following Invitations allow us to have a deeper connection with ourselves. We will have the opportunity to stay undisturbedly with ourselves and experience “liminality”. Thus, various inspirations or our personal challenges can appear. Everyone can deal with them in their own way, always in cooperation with the Forest, which offers countless different symbols and images. We will thus have the opportunity to communicate with nature and all living beings of the Forest in a way that we usually do not experience in everyday life. We will try walking barefoot and experience a natural connection with the Earth. Thanks to nature, we will perceive ourselves from a completely different angle. Between the individual invitations, everything essential will always be shared in our common circle. The whole program will then end with a tea ceremony associated with light refreshments and a gradual return to normal reality.

Why with the Guide

Forest therapy guides have undergone intensive training to be able to help participants improve sensory perception, attention and concentration. These are usually people who work in very close contact and partnership with nature, especially the forest and/or other natural environment. Their task is also to make it easier for participants to connect with the place, their own body, nature and other forms of life. At the same time, they also help people slow down, turn off the usual flow of thoughts, and simply be “Here and Now”. They provide participants with an undisturbed connection with the natural environment without interfering in this process in any way. “The forest is a therapist, the guide opens the door for the participants”.


Services and Contribution

“We use the GIFT FOR GIFT approach, “pay the guide as much as you feel is right”.

Group Forest Therapy

It is especially suitable for those who prefer a team concept and want to be able to share their own feelings, inspirations or stimuli with others. The group creates a safe space in which the basic rules are observed during communication:

  1. Only one speaks at a time (we use the so-called “Talking piece”)
  2. We speak from the heart (we say honestly and openly what we feel)We listen with our heart (we listen openly and respectfully to the others and do not jump into their speech)
  3. We speak spontaneously (I only say what I have on my tongue at the moment / I am not preparing anything in advance)
  4. We talk about the matter (we follow the theme to maintain the continuity of the circle)

These rules have long been part of the culture of our ancestors. We have the opportunity to approach this culture and experience first-hand what it is like “to be able to express oneself freely”. Although it is a group activity, all participants are alone with themselves in many situations, with a kind support from the Forest.

Minimum number of participants 3


Duration:                                                        180 min.

Recommended contribution per person         650,- Kč

Announced dates: 

Due to a current situation we can do the Forest Therapy Walks only with 1 participant. All dates will be then individual.

*reserve your spot using the contact form below or call us at 724952974


Individual Forest Therapy

Our ancestors often sought solace or inspiration on nature walks. If you are also looking for a new way of personal development, Individual Forest Therapy is an ideal alternative. During our trip through the Forest, you will have the opportunity to work on personal topics that are important to you at the moment. In a natural environment, you can better develop your imagination and creativity. You will have a chance to open up more and thus face your “fears” or “obstacles” to your own development. Maybe you will get a new perspective for work or private life. Maybe new opportunities will open up for you to develop your personal vision and you will then be able to find the right direction. After all, we are all an integral part of the endless network of Nature. And Nature is ready to help us in all circumstances.

Duration:                                                        individual

Recommended contribution per person        1000 CZK/hour

Dates after individual consultation

*reserve your spot using the contact form below or call us at 724952974



To arrange a date and make a reservation, contact us here:                                           *(when ordering, state the date and type of Forest Therapy)


3 hours of deep relaxation in nature


An efficient and sophisticated system of simple activities, so-called invitations


It helps improve overall well-being, slows down the scattered mind and strengthens the immune system