Forest therapy

Forest therapy

Progress of Forest Therapy

The aim of forest therapy is to improve mental and physical well-being by connecting with nature. It is based on a sophisticated system of several simple activities, where you will gradually integrate all your senses, concentrate, awaken creativity and imagination. You will be disconnected for a moment from the burdensome reality and from the mobile signal. You will slow down and begin to perceive much of what you miss in your daily life.

As a rule, forest therapy takes about 2.5 hours and takes about 2 km. This is an outdoor activity that takes place in any weather. Participants will therefore always be informed in advance of the appropriate equipment and details by inviting them.

You will start the therapy with a very easy walk in the forest or other natural environment, during which the guide to forest therapy will offer you simple activities, called invitations. The program will end with a tea ceremony associated with refreshments.

Forest therapy usually takes place as:

  • Group activity for 5-20 participants,
  • Individual activity for individuals,
  • Individual activity for couples.

Why guided

Forest therapy guides are trained to help participants improve sensory perception, facilitate contact with place, body, nature and other forms of life. At the same time, they help people to slow down their pace, turn off the usual stream of thoughts and create a “embodied” contact with the present moment. They provide participants with uninterrupted connections with the natural environment without interfering with the process. “The forest is a therapist, the guide opens the door.”

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2.5 hours of deep relaxation in nature


Efficient and sophisticated system of simple activities


It helps to improve interpersonal relationships as well as people's relationships with other forms of life.