Team events

Team events

Teambuilding for the hundredth time and still the same? Maybe it’s time for a change. If you want to experience something completely new, try the concept of “Team Events with Forest Therapy“. Our motto is: “Relax instead of adrenaline“. We will enjoy active relaxation in a natural environment. We will be disconnected from the signal and the traffic of the city and at least for a while we will throw away the diaries.

Part of our program is a combination of Forest Therapy and other creative-relaxation or fun activities, which we choose together from our portfolio. During Forest Therapy we will have a unique opportunity to taste the therapeutic effects of nature, get rid of tension, clear your head and achieve inner peace and harmony. As this is a “contemplative” activity, we may find new inspirations or materialize some of the personal challenges that each of us carries within. Subsequent afternoon activities are mainly focused on uniting the team and relaxing the atmosphere. We will have a chance to get to know each other in completely different situations than before and at the same time rest effectively.

We can compile the entire program as a half-day, one-day or even multi-day event. If you are interested, we can also carry out evening or night activities that your colleagues have probably never experienced before.

The transition of people from the office to the natural environment opens up the possibility of looking at things from a different angle. They can develop mutual interaction and gain inspiration to find new ways on a personal and professional level. In addition, staying in nature stimulates the creative mind and the ability to concentrate and maintain concentration.

Team events with Forest Therapy:

  • Reduce work stress
  • Increase self-awareness and consequently the ability to concentrate
  • Support the subjective well-being of individuals and teams
  • Develops creative problem solving
  • Deepen individual and team ties
  • Support openness and teamwork
  • Help improve team communication
  • Strengthen the team spirit and develop creativity
  • Improve cognitive thinking

Contact us and allow yourself and your team the “relax instead of adrenaline”. We are innovative enthusiasts, experts in overall well-being and nature lovers.


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Reduces stress and increases the feeling of relaxation


Sharpens sensory perception and increases concentration


Helps to improve interpersonal relationships, but also people's relationships with other forms of life