Team events

Team events

Teambuilding for the 100th and the same thing? Maybe it’s time for change. If you want to take a whole new experience, try the Shinrin-Yoku method. The program will include several variants of forest therapy, complemented by various forms of the advisory circle method. You will experience activities that awaken creativity and release tension. At the same time, you will be able to relax effectively in beautiful natural surroundings. This combination is extremely effective at:

  • teaming together
  • strengthening team spirit
  • finding creative solutions
  • solving problem situations,
  • increasing trust among team members
  • improving people-to-people communication
  • disconnecting from normal working life
  • improving health and strengthening the immune system

A physical and mental relaxation after hard working days.

Team action in conjunction with forest therapy can take one or more days. It includes interactive games, exercises and relaxing activities. The detailed program is tailored to the needs of each team and is unique.

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Reduces stress and increases the feeling of relaxation


Sharpen sensory perception and increase concentration


It helps to improve interpersonal relationships as well as people's relationships with other forms of life.